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Simply put a devWATCH on the club and send a note to it with 'Join' as the Subject line :D I'll take care of the rest.


Put a devWATCH on the club and leave a comment on the main page saying you wish to join :)


When you've become a member, send a note to the club with 'Submit' as the Subject line and a link to the deviation you want to submit in the body of the message. Your picture or text will be submitted to the club :D


1) You must be a Takari fan (obviously xD).
2) BE POLITE TO OTHERS. There's no need to be rude to anyone!
3) Please, please, please submit all your comments and favorites to the original artwork! The link is there for a reason! =P Mistakes are tolerated, but I will make you comment and/or favorite the original anyway!
4) Only up to three submissions a day, please :) I am not a machine.
5) Mature Content artwork can be submitted, but only if abided by dA rules. And the filter will be placed, of course =P

Most important of all, have fun! :D

The Founder


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